Slice, dice and explode any sprite in your game! Sprite Slicer allows you to quickly and easily cut any physics-enabled sprite into little pieces, each of which will then have its own realistic physics behaviour.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Concave Polygon Support

Sprite Slicer now supports slicing concave polygons! This has been a frequent request since the asset launched, and I'm pleased to say the version 1.3 will let you slice both concave and convex polygons in exactly the same way. Simply update to the latest version to take advantage of this great new feature, and make your slices even more accurate!

Friday, 28 February 2014

1.142 Update

Hi all - the Sprite Slicer v.1.142 update is now live in the Asset Store. This should be of particular interest for anyone that uses Sprite Slicer with 2D Toolkit sprites, as it fixes a few nasty bugs that could occur when sprites were automatically rotated when being placed in the sprite collection.

I've also added the ability to selectively cut sprites when using the SliceAllSprites function (by allowing the user to pass in their own layerMask object), and have also fixed some issues that could prevent sprites from being cut if they happened to be positioned behind a trigger collider.

Thanks to everyone that reported these issues and as always, please do contact me if you encounter any problems - I'll be happy to help fix them.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Sprite Slicer Website Live!

Welcome to the Sprite Slicer website! I'll keep this page updated with news on new updates, features and other improvements. Please check out the 'User Guide' page for more info on the plugin and video tutorials.